Top 8 Millennial Real Estate Trends



With the cost of real estate skyrocketing on a yearly basis, its no wonder that many millennials simply cannot afford to buy big homes as their parents did. Not only is this generation opting for smaller homes, but they are also changing the traditional concepts of how to live.

Here are the top five Millennial real estate trends as presented by

1.      Customized multifunctional spaces


Millennials are practical, and low maintenance when it comes to real estate. One practical concept that is fast becoming a trend for millennials is the creation of customized spaces that are creatively designed to serve different purposes.

For example, millennials often create multifunctional zones in their homes. By simply moving the furniture around, this zone can be used to study, work, sleep, and play. This concept has led to better use of smaller spaces with less furniture.

2.      Open to renovating


As mentioned, millennials do not usually have very big budgets. But they are innovative, creative, and hardworking. A property which is not in the best of shape might still work with a millennial real estate buyer because they are confident that they can put it all together.

If your buyer has some experience fixing things, they will not hesitate to buy a home which needs to be patched up a bit. Especially if the property price fits within their budget.

3.      Keeping it simple

Another real estate trend among millennials is keeping things simple. Unlike their parents, millennials are not into fancy lights, gadgets, and state of the art furniture and appliances. Many millennials are practical and only buy appliances that they need.

In addition, furniture is also multifunctional, compact, and portable. More importantly, all the furniture and appliances they buy has to blend into the overall decor of the home. Unlike their parents, millennials prefer to have just one parking space and not clutter the driveway with cars which are rarely driven. Comfort and practicality are preferred over luxury.

4.      Open space


Avoiding clutter is another trend which many Millennials are adopting. The idea is to have less in the home and creating more space. No longer is each hallway and room packed with furniture; instead, Millennials have only essential furniture so that there is more space in the home.

Open spaces has meant keeping the floor plans simple and bright. Having a huge kitchen is no longer a prerequisite. Instead, a brighter and spacious deck is preferred where one can sit, enjoy a meal, and relax. Unlike the older generation, millennials are not into entertaining large groups of people; just a small group of close friends, and hence they do not need a large dining or living room.

5.      Social media influence

Millennials often go to online reviews for everything. A real estate agent who is working with a millennial should be aware that this customer's purchase decision will be heavily influenced by social media and online reviews. Also, the real estate agency/agent will a need to have a good online reputation to stand any chance with a millennial client.

6.      Sustainability

Millennials are environmental and energy conscious. As far as real estate is concerned, sustainability is a must for them. They want to make a positive impact on the environment and thus usually buy property from builders who build environmentally friendly homes.

This means that the home will have energy efficient appliances, smart thermostats, non-toxic paint, solar panels, sustainable building materials, and natural ways to cool and heat the home. The more environmentally conscious and practically designed the property, the better the chance that it will click with this generation.

7.      Technology


One major real estate trend among millennials is the introduction of technology. Millennials are very tech-savvy and prefer appliances and conveniences that are modern. 

From Wi-Fi in every room to the use of the smartphone to turn on appliances and devices, robotic vacuum cleaners, wireless LED bulbs, smart faucets, solar-powered light outside the home, shower meters, thermal leak detector, and hi-tech security with motion detectors. They prefer this because everything integrates to their smartphone or tablet and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

8.      Additional Income

Since property prices are constantly increasing, and because most millennials are not inclined to agree to high mortgages, they often buy a property and rent out either the basement or the unused portion. This allows them to generate additional income which they can use to pay off their mortgage.


Millennials may not have the money to buy million dollar homes, but by buying smaller homes, they are willing to invest the money to make their homes more energy efficient, spacious, low maintenance, fun to live and are environmentally friendly.

They are also open to the idea of creating shared spaces, so renting out rooms to students/bachelors and sharing the kitchen and bathroom is quite common with these buyers. Millennials are changing the way real estate works, and they are also motivating builders to create homes that are trendy, hi-tech, and utilize space practically and creatively.

This article was written by Ryan Williamson with Onsite Property Management Services in Fort Collins. All content and photographs are courtesy of Onsite Property Management

Studio PBA is in Dillon today for the groundbreaking of Uptown 240!

The Studio PBA team, Kathy Parker and Nils Jorgensen celebrated the groundbreaking for Uptown 240 in Dillon, Colorado this morning. Along with the Ottoborgo Family, Carolyn Skowyra, mayor of Dillon was present to help with the festivities. We are looking forward to seeing this project come to life and help enrich the Dillon community.

If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing one of these units,

Thanks for the Shout Out AIA Colorado!

Aria Cohousing Community featured in AARP Magazine

Aria Cohousing was featured in this month’s AARP Magazine in collaboration with the National Building Museum.  The edition is called Making Room: Housing for a Changing America.  It’s featured the section, Part Two, Creative Solutions.  Aria is a multi-generational cohousing community in east Denver. Studio PBA and developer, Urban Ventures designed this project from an existing convent, Sisters of St. Francis.

Welcome the New Studio PBA Team Members of 2019!

Help us in welcoming several new team members who have joined the Studio PBA team over the past few months. From Interns, fresh out of school to seasoned Project Managers with a wealth of knowledge — be sure to say hello if you know any of the additions or are lucky enough to collaborate on a Studio PBA project with them! Pictured below: Austin, Matt, Clayton, Peter, David, Nils, Emily and Jennifer

Introducing Copper Mountain

CM18001 - Rendering - Copper Mountain Employee Housing  - 16X9.jpg

The Copper Mountain Workforce Housing project is a multi-family residential project that responds to the direct and long-overdue needs that many mountain communities face for better options in employee housing. The 2.5 acre site, located at the foot of the Copper Mountain Ski Resort, features 44 units and 100 parking spaces for residents, as well as covered bicycle storage. This project is located on Sky Chutes Lane and has an estimated completion date of late 2020.

Studio PBA Awarded Designers of the Year

Studio PBA Principals John Payne and Jill Reilly with ARCO Murray Principal Josh Przyborowski

Studio PBA Principals John Payne and Jill Reilly with ARCO Murray Principal Josh Przyborowski

Studio PBA recently received recognition as Designer of the Year from our Design / Build client ARCO Murray at their 11th Annual Vendor of the Year Awards in Chicago. We have enjoyed getting to know and working with this new client and were very honored to accept this award from them for the work we’re doing here in Denver. We love building lasting relationships with clients and strive to make sure that we maintain those relationships.

Sugarmont Apartments Construction Progress in Salt Lake City

Take a look at some new drone images we’ve captured of Sugarmont Apartment’s construction progress in 2019! Look at those great mountain views.

Sugarmont Apartments are located in the eclectic Sugar House Neighborhood of Salt Lake City. The Transit Oriented Development apartment complex will add much needed density to the area, replacing two existing abandoned warehouses. From the plaza, a pedestrian path intersects the L-shaped building and pulls the movement of people through the site with connecting paths to adjacent restaurants/bars. Amenities include a fitness center, 3rd floor pool with views towards Fairmont Park, a roof deck looking out to the mountains, and three additional courtyards on top of the podium that offer quieter reflection spaces.

Holland Park1200 Construction Update - The Tenzing Westminster

Holland Park1200 is nearing construction with fourteen of its fifteen buildings open and renting, and the last one expected in the next few weeks. Landscaping is currently in progress throughout the project and as you can see in the pictures below, all the exterior finishes are completed, and exterior painting is finishing up.  The dog wash and bike repair shop are open, as is the playground, complete with buried (faux) dinosaur fossils!

Thirteen of the buildings are currently leased. Projected completion of Holland Park1200 is expected in mid-January, with the balance of the landscaping and some outdoor amenities finishing in the Spring of 2019. This project name has been changed to The Tenzing Westminster. For more information on leasing a unit and more information on this project visit the website:

New in the Neighborhood - The Economist Tour

The Studio PBA staff was invited to tour a new development called the Economist that we’ve been keeping an eye on as it neighbors our office to the West. The Economist, designed by OZ Architecture is located at 1575 Humboldt Street. Mr. Barry Hirschfeld kindly led our tour.

This project features two buildings consisting of 97 micro unit studio and one bedroom layouts ranging from 291 to 588 square feet respectively. The exterior features a dark hardiboard shingles and protruded metal trim while the split section between the two buildings features work from local street artists with vibrant shingles of warm color creating welcoming amenity spaces. The units boast high ceilings with lots of natural light, full-sized washer and dryer units and lofted spaces to make these smaller than average units feel open. This project already has residents in approximately 25% of its units with the second building expected to be completed this winter. The Economist amenities include a gym, community lounge, meeting space and a rooftop patio with expansive views.

New Construction Update of Colab Apartments via DenverInfill

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Ken Schroeppel with DenverInfill has added another great blog chronicling the construction progress of CoLab Apartments at 10th and Osage in the La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood. Read the blog post here:

For more information on leasing at Colab:


Studio PBA has finished the renovation of the Courtyard by Marriott at DIA. The project is a 102,000 square foot renovation and hotel brand conversion. The hotel, now a Courtyard brand under the Marriott International family of hotels, was formerly a Country Inn & Suites. Studio PBA was tasked with bringing updates to the 6-story exterior façade, 139 guest rooms, and entryway and lobby. Additions included a new and modern courtyard, which was accomplished by filling in an existing pool. An extensive MEP renovation updated the building systems to be more energy efficient, widen the hallways and add technological amenities to cater to business travelers.

For more information and a look at project images, click here.

Modera River North Project Wrap Up

Modera River North, the latest collaboration between Studio PBA and MIll Creek Residential, is all wrapped up. We are proud of this project in the fast-growing River North Arts District of Denver. Modera River North features 182 units, a generous indoor/outdoor fitness area looking west toward the mountains, and a second floor clubroom opening out to the pool/spa courtyard. For more information on the specs of the project, click here.

Enjoy the final photos of the project and for more information on leasing, check out the Modera River North website:

Aria Cohousing Submitted for AIA Colorado and Denver Awards

Studio PBA recently submitted Aria Cohousing, an affordable for-sale condomunium project in the Chaffee Park neighborhood of Denver, for an AIA award at the Denver/Colorado level.

The awards banquet was held September 7, and although we did not win, we wanted to share this submittal and project one more time, as it has had a unique impact on the lives of almost 60 indivuduals and the surrounding neighborhood.

To see our full AIA submittal and read about the Aria Coshousing, click here.

Studio PBA Teams Up with The Morrison Group for Crested Butte Affordable Housing

The Paradise Park project will feature 25 units of affordable housing in downtown Crested Butte.  Rendering provided by Studio PBA.

The Paradise Park project will feature 25 units of affordable housing in downtown Crested Butte. Rendering provided by Studio PBA.

Studio PBA is teaming up with The Morrison Group, led by Lynn Crist, to pursue an affordable housing project in Crested Butte called Paradise Park.  The proposed project will feature 25 affordable units, ranging from 1 BR to 3 BR. 

The team, led by developer Lynn Crist of the Morrison Group, has prepared a conceptual design and plan for the units, which will meet the Town of Crested Butte’s demand for affordable housing.  Project goals include ensuring that the community’s residents are successful in attaining long-term safe and energy efficient housing; creating residences that enable dwellers to be active members of their community; and provide units for Town employees who might otherwise be forced to live outside Crested Butte boundaries. 

The Morrison Group is supported by Studio PBA, who will provide architecture services, Norris Design for landscape architecture, and local Crested Butte contractor Lair & Gross Builders.

For many on the team, creating a better Crested Butte is at the heart of this project.  “I lived and worked in Crested Butte for seven years in the 90’s, so I understand firsthand the local economy, the drive to make this your home, and the difficulty in purchasing a house. Now coupling that with affordable housing experience in other similar communities, I am excited to help make a significant impact on the futures of 27 Crested Butte individuals, couples, and families,” said Kathy Parker of Studio PBA.

This project strikes a chord with both Kathy Parker, Studio PBA’s Principal in Charge of this project, and Lynn Crist, who both have a history of collaboration providing affordable housing options to more people. 

 “I have spent my career acquiring the skills necessary to be a successful developer, however in 2006 I was introduced to what would become my new passion: affordable housing.  Since then, I have chosen to focus my talents, resources and efforts on providing affordable housing in communities in need.  I am immensely excited to being considered as a potential developer for the Paradise Park affordable housing in Crested Butte.  It is truly a project I have dreamed of building,” said Lynn Crist of the Morrison Group. 

The development team will present their conceptual design and plans at a public Town Council meeting on September 17, 2018 at 7PM in the Crested Butte Town Hall.  All are invited to join and share in this important project as the development team is selected. 



AMLI Riverfront Green is located in Denver's Riverfront Park neighborhood at 1750 Little Raven St. Denver, CO 80202.

AMLI Riverfront Green is located in Denver's Riverfront Park neighborhood at 1750 Little Raven St. Denver, CO 80202.

Studio PBA's latest collaboration with AMLI Residential is now leasing.  AMLI Riverfront Green is uniquely situated on one of the last remaining sites in the Platte River Valley District where it transitions from Commons Park to nearby higher density neighborhoods.  It is an area that continues to evolve into a vibrant live/work/play environment that attracts a wide variety of people.  Our project celebrates this diversity by offering both townhome style living and higher density apartments with varying unit plans.  The units fronting Little Raven Street are 5 story, and are scaled down to meet the Park opposite the site while the 7 story apartment building steps up in scale.  Brick facades floating above the ground plane and enlarged outdoor living spaces at grade help create an active and lively pedestrian zone at street level.  Traditional materials of brick, stucco, and stone are contrasted with colored, glazed bricks that anchor the corners of the building.  Their harmonious integration reflects the current Riverfront Park neighborhood with a nod to future development in the area.    AMLI Riverfront Green features studio, 1- and 2-bedroom options.  Amenities include a club room, cyber cafe, fitness center, pool, and sun deck.

The apartments are leasing NOW for a December 2018 move in.  Get them while they are hot!  Cick HERE for more info on leasing.

Alta Green Mountain is Under Way in Lakewood, Colorado


First boundaries get marked; then the plot is cleaned; then the site is prepared per the layout in the drawings.  Months pass, dirt is moved, utilities are laid, pipes put in place, and then finally things start to go vertical. 

Studio PBA has been working with long time client Wood Partners to prepare the site of the Alta Green Mountain project in Lakewood, Colorado for several months.  Engineers and contractors have their work cut out for them as they battle Colorado’s summer storms (this site has seen what some have called a 200-year flood) and intense heat as the groundwork is laid for the planned multi family residential project. 

Now retaining walls are going up, pipes are going in, and the site is being primed so that construction workers can begin laying a foundation for this much-needed residential project. 

Alta Green Mountain is located in Lakewood, Colorado, a suburb to the west of Denver and just moments away from the Rocky Mountain foothills.  True to its name, Alta Green Mountain is not only situated just blocks away from William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park, and when finished, will support fantastic sweeping views of the rolling green foothills to the West and downtown Denver to the East. 

The 260-unit multi-family apartment project is spread out over 10 residential buildings.  The unit mix includes studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom units ranging in size from 706 SF to 1,341 SF.  Residents will enjoy one parking space per bedroom, in addition to 131 designated bicycle spaces.  Parking options include a large number of tuck-under garage spaces, in addition to tandem driveway parking, and surface parking.  The site features multiple resident amenities, including a pool, luxury clubhouse with co-working space and a full fitness center, indoor dog wash facilities and a resident dog park, bike workshop, and several grilling areas. 

The site may not look like much just yet.  Wood Partners has been dedicated to documenting construction of their projects with drone footage which will allow us to see exactly how assemblies progress.  Not only is it visually interesting, but it can potentially help eliminate the need for as many drastic or late in the game change orders.  We are looking forward to sharing the images going forward as this project progresses towards its Spring 2020 completion!

Studio PBA Finishes Second Place in Denver Design League Kickball

The 2018 Design League Kickball season began in April and Paul's Ball Army (PBA) was looking to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs and outperform any previous team.  

Starting off 3-0, the team was poised to place high in bracket rankings.  Mid season slumps hit hard, but the team rallied after the All-Star break to head into the playoffs. With a record of 5-5, the team was seeded very low, but this did not discourage PBA.  Aftera double header victory rally in the first and second round of playoffs, PBA successfully advanced to the Championship game.

On July 24, 2018, PBA squared off with the undefeated KTGY.  After over 90 minutes of intense game-play, several grand slams, even more spilled beers, and a 25 minute rain delay, KTGY squeaked out a 27-26 victory, with Studio PBA finishing in second place for the season.

The 2018 team consisted of a rotating roster of men and women from the Studio PBA, including:
Aaron Rule, Adam Acree, Chris Fuller, Andrew Hjelmstad, Cy Bergner, JJ Richardson, Jack Nelson, Gina Metge, Tearar Chan, and Martha Jaworowski.  Also on the team were several folks from BurkettEUA and friends of Paul's Ball Army.  

Thank you to everyone who made the 2018 season possible, including our fearless leader Paul!  Training for the 2019 has begun and we have our sights set on winning the cup!