Aria Cohousing Article in Denver Infill

Photo courtesy of DenverInfill.com

Photo courtesy of DenverInfill.com

"As American cities continue an upward trajectory toward reinvestment—one catalyzed by a growing population of people favoring concentration over sprawl—we are faced with the prospect of knowing thy neighbor a little better."  Camron Bridgford, one of Denver Infill's bloggers begins.  He starts by explaining how the benefits and attributes that make the cohousing community style more and more popular.  He then gives a great history of the structure, formally owned by Sisters of the Order of St. Francis.

You can find the entry here: https://denverinfill.com/blog/2017/10/aria-denver-update-2.html

There are still two units available for purchase: http://www.ariadenver.com/living-spaces/co-housing/