Kyle Clark

PBA in the News: Rogue Mailbox Prompts 9News Investigation

WalkDenver recently notified us via Twitter (@StudioPBA) that there has been some public concern for a mailbox placed on the corner of 16th and Gilpin, where our office is located.  The infamous mailbox is set directly on the sidewalk, causing some ADA advocates and local reporters to question the legality of its placement.  9News and Kyle Clark’s new segment Next Question, investigated its positioning and determined that in fact, it was legally placed, allowing 36’’ of clearance as per regulations require.  See their investigation here:

As for Studio PBA, we had noticed the mailbox's placement had been moved over the summer but we were never informed why this had taken place.  We have no affiliation with the placement of this mailbox.  We do however, enjoy Kyle Clark’s commentary and seeing our sign on the news.  

UPDATE: As of 4:33 PM the mailbox has been removed-- to be placed elsewhere at a later date, TBD.