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Thank you Ryan Dravitz for updating the construction progress of two of our projects, AMLI Riverfront Green and Parkside.  These two projects are going vertical in Riverfront Park.  Parkside To read the blog updates click below.

Construction Progress: Riverfront Green

AMLI's Riverfront Green poured their first elevated post-tensioned slab on this morning.  This is the main pour under units and above the parking garage.  This was a very informative site visit for Studio PBA team members that had not seen an elevated PT slab poured.  There were roughly 150 people on site working this morning.  We had the ability to inspect all of the in-place rebar, tensioning cables, stud rails, sleeves, etc.  Keep an eye on Riverfront Green-- framing will be be going up in the next few weeks.

AMLI Riverfront Green - Site Update

AMLI Riverfront Green has reached the first floor.  After working hard through the winter months, the first at grade concrete slab has finally taken shape.  March will see the remainder of the building come up to the same level.  April will kick off with a bang when our first floor above grade starts to take shape.  All concrete work is scheduled to be completed by the end of May, when the metal wall panels for the apartments units will begin.  Now that we are above ground, take a moment to stop by and see the building taking shape.

New Year, New Aerial Images

2017 is going to be a big year for Studio PBA.  We have several projects under construction around the Denver-metro, Salt Lake City, Fort Collins and Cheyenne.  We receive great aerial images from many of our developers and contractors.  It is always great to see the progression of the projects we design as they come to fruition.  

We've got some updated images from the past few weeks of two big projects, AMLI's Riverfront Green (Above) in Riverfront Park that is going up next to the Glass House.  Second, Elevate at Inova (below) in Centennial is a project with The Wolff Company that is expected to be completed in 2017 as you can see the ten different buildings all taking shape.