AMLI Dry Creek is Leasing!

The LEED Silver AMLI Dry Creek apartments are open for leasing!  Check out one of Studio PBA’s most recently collaborations with AMLI Residential in the Denver Tech Center.  AMLI Dry Creek offers 257 units, ample parking, close proximity to the Dry Creek Light Rail station, pool, fitness center, and much more!  New photos are up from James W. Jenson Photography. 

Do you want more information on living in the AMLI Dry Creek community?  The link to these apartments can be found here:

Construction Progress: Riverfront Green

AMLI's Riverfront Green poured their first elevated post-tensioned slab on this morning.  This is the main pour under units and above the parking garage.  This was a very informative site visit for Studio PBA team members that had not seen an elevated PT slab poured.  There were roughly 150 people on site working this morning.  We had the ability to inspect all of the in-place rebar, tensioning cables, stud rails, sleeves, etc.  Keep an eye on Riverfront Green-- framing will be be going up in the next few weeks.

Parkside and Riverfront Green have Cranes Up!

Photos courtesy of

Photos courtesy of

We always love seeing our projects mentioned in the urban development blogs in Denver.  Once again, DenverInfill has captured some great images of two of our projects: Parkside and Riverfront Green.  These projects are close in proximity to each other and located in Central Platte Valley downtown.  Read more at DenverInfill's blog:


Denver Infill's Recent Blog - PBA Project Updates

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Thanks to our friends at who have posted two project updates this week in addition to some fantastic aerial photographs.  To read the updates and learn more about infill projects around Denver you can click the links below.

Holland Parkside Apartments Update:

AMLI's Riverfront Green Update:

Friday Morning Site Tours

Studio PBA staff had a great opportunity today to visit and tour a few of our projects in construction phase thanks to our construction administration team led by Andrew Hjelmstad, Matt Baron and Brian Dunn.  

The first tour was The Wolff Company's Havana project also known as Elevate at Innova which is a garden-style apartment community consisting of 10 buildings over 8.04 acres in Centennial expected to be completed in Fall 2017.  The benefit of touring this project was the 10 different building styles, all in different phases of construction from setting up the form work for the post tensioned slab to applying interior finishes to a newly enclosed clubhouse. 

The second site toured today was AMLI Dry Creek located in the Inverness Business Park at I-25 and Dry Creek, a 257 unit multifamily project.  This development is at 50% completion and we were able to see multiple phases of construction on this wraparound apartment complex.  This building features an internal 4-story parking garage that will house 428 parking spaces.  This tour allowed us to view the finished roof air condenser units, internal roof drains and scenic mountain views.  

An additional team toured a third project, Alta Pinehurst in Lakewood.  This is a multifamily garden-style community with developer, Wood Partners consisting of 13 separate buildings and 726 units.  Construction is well underway and this project is expected to be completed next fall.

It was a great learning opportunity for the staff and a excellent way to see the progress of our projects.

Construction Update: AMLI Riverfront Green

AMLI Riverfront Green is making great construction progress.  The crane base is installed.  Waterproofing going up the exterior walls.  AMLI Riverfront Green is about to start going vertical.  The tower crane shows up in the middle of November, once the foundation work is complete.  Then you will start to see the walls getting poured as we move forward into constructing the underground parking structure.  AMLI Riverfront Green will have two floors of underground parking for residents with more parking above ground.   

Project Progress: AMLI Riverfront Green

Located just in front of the Glass House, AMLI’s Riverfront Green apartments have dug out the first level of underground parking and have started on the second.  The photo shows the first level of shoring walls in place around the garage.  The shoring walls, built of steel piles and lagging, will be a permanent part of the building to hold up the surrounding streets.  Concrete walls will be poured inside the shoring walls to support the building above.  AMLI expects to reach the bottom depth of the project in the coming weeks and start pouring the concrete foundation by the end of September.

UPDATE: Check out this Denver Infill article with additional pictures: