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Studio PBA Athletics Mid-Season Update

Work hard, play hard is a term used frequently around the office and it seems pretty literal when it comes to our athletics.  This year, we have a kickball team (Paul's Ball Army), a volleyball team (Bumps like a Truck) and three marathon relay teams that ran in the Colfax Marathon's Corporate Cup (Team PBA: Slow Down for What, The PBA Revit Crashers, PBA Rum Runners).  Here are our weekly recaps of how the teams are doing.

The Colfax Marathon relay teams all finished with great times and had a blast with every team finishing before their pre-race estimates.  The PBA Revit Crashers finished 2nd in the Construction/Engineering division winning $1,000 for our charity partner Food for Thought at last night's award ceremony.

PBA’s volleyball team (B.L.A.T.) rose above team Hot & Code (City of Denver). Out of the 4 games we got in before sundown, PBA was able to take 3 wins and steal the match. Game 2 was an intense back and forth, both teams were neck and neck. PBA rallied together with a bump, set, and incredible spike by Derek- which won us the game 27-25. Tadd & Bridget were a great tag team last night, pulling off some acrobatic moves to keep the ball in play.  Team B.L.A.T. continues to improve this season, showing strong potential for the upcoming mid-season tournament next Saturday June 24th at Washington Park.

Paul's Ball Army continued its magical sophomore season last night, but dropped the match against those pesky engineers from Anchor. Team Orange, despite not gaining a single lead in the game, had the largest turnout in the history of PBA’s beer-in-hand kickball!! The final score was 14-8, but Team Orange trailed 10-8 heading into the bottom of the inning when the game was called.  Paul's Ball Army is currently ranked 11th with a 3-4 record for the season.

Paul's Ball Army's Inaugural Kickball Season Comes to an End

Last week, Studio PBA’s kickball team, Paul’s Ball Army completed its inaugural playoff game in the “Spring” Citywide Architect Kickball League. Due to a mid-game weather postponement the week before, PBA’s match against Barker Rinker Seacat resumed after two completed innings, with Team Orange ahead 9 runs to 5.

PBA’s representation resembled a sea of orange, and the team was firing on all cylinders. Team Orange cruised to a 27-12 defeat of Dog & Pony Show (Barker Rinker Seacat).

Being a win-or-go-home scenario, Paul’s Ball Army then advanced to face the Goliath of the league; Davis Partnership (The Kittens). PBA was narrowly defeated in the opening chug-off and therefore served as the away team, setting up the Kittens to kick last in the game. Stifling defense by the Kittens and a treacherous bottom of the second for the Soldiers flipped the game in Davis’ favor. PBA’s 2-1 lead swung to a 10-2 deficit after two innings. However, the deficit proved to be too difficult for the double-header team to overcome. Paul’s Ball Army fell to the Kittens, 18-10. Meow.

The season is now over, but going .500 in the playoffs proves our team is heading in the right direction. We now have the off-season to practice our splash-catches, head-first dives, and beer chugging. 

Thank you to everyone who played and supported the team by cheering us on!