Food for Thought

Colfax Marathon Awards Banquet

This past May, the runners of Studio PBA, who featured three relay teams, the Revit Crashers, Rum Runners, and Team Slow Down for What?,  participated in the Colfax Marathon relay for the fifth year in a row.  The Colfax Marathon is one of the largest charitable races in the country, with over $100,000 in prize pool for those who align themselves with a non-profit partner.  Our charitable partner for the second year in a row was Food for Thought Denver, a Colorado non-profit whose mission is to eliminate weekend hunger for children in the Denver area by providing food PowerSacks, because they believe that no child should go hungry.  We have been working with Food for Thought for years, helping to bag “PowerSacks” for kids several times a year.  

This year our team placed second in the Colfax Marathon Corporate Relay group in the Construction, Engineering and Development category, earning a second place plaque, and most important, $1000 for Food for Thought Denver.  The awards ceremony was held June 19 at the DaVita building in Downtown Denver.  Studio PBA representatives Tearar Chan and Gina Metge were on hand to accept the check on behalf of our team of runners and sponsors.  
The training has already begun for 2019!

Studio PBA Runs the Colfax Marathon Relay!

Studio PBA had three teams run the Colfax Marathon Relay Sunday morning!  Despite the cold and rainy conditions, all 15 runners crosses their respective finish lines.  The teams ran to benefit our charity partner, Food for Thought.  The PBA Rum Runners, PBA Revit Crashers and Team Slow Down for What? all surpassed the estimated race times.  Good job teams!

Back at it! Volunteering with Food for Thought


New year, new opportunity to help out in the community! We spent the morning volunteering with Food for Thought. We packed a record 2,700 PowerSacks! These sacks will go to help students in twenty-one Denver Public Elementary Schools. 

If you or you organization would like to participate and get involved with this great organization, you can learn more here:

School is back in session...

Studio PBA and ULI Colorado volunteers with Food for Thought founders, Bob Bell and John Thielen.

School is back in session and that means we spent the morning volunteering by packing power sacks for Food for Thought Denver with our friends from ULI Colorado & Downtown Denver Partnership.  To learn more visit FFT's website at:

Studio PBA Athletics Mid-Season Update

Work hard, play hard is a term used frequently around the office and it seems pretty literal when it comes to our athletics.  This year, we have a kickball team (Paul's Ball Army), a volleyball team (Bumps like a Truck) and three marathon relay teams that ran in the Colfax Marathon's Corporate Cup (Team PBA: Slow Down for What, The PBA Revit Crashers, PBA Rum Runners).  Here are our weekly recaps of how the teams are doing.

The Colfax Marathon relay teams all finished with great times and had a blast with every team finishing before their pre-race estimates.  The PBA Revit Crashers finished 2nd in the Construction/Engineering division winning $1,000 for our charity partner Food for Thought at last night's award ceremony.

PBA’s volleyball team (B.L.A.T.) rose above team Hot & Code (City of Denver). Out of the 4 games we got in before sundown, PBA was able to take 3 wins and steal the match. Game 2 was an intense back and forth, both teams were neck and neck. PBA rallied together with a bump, set, and incredible spike by Derek- which won us the game 27-25. Tadd & Bridget were a great tag team last night, pulling off some acrobatic moves to keep the ball in play.  Team B.L.A.T. continues to improve this season, showing strong potential for the upcoming mid-season tournament next Saturday June 24th at Washington Park.

Paul's Ball Army continued its magical sophomore season last night, but dropped the match against those pesky engineers from Anchor. Team Orange, despite not gaining a single lead in the game, had the largest turnout in the history of PBA’s beer-in-hand kickball!! The final score was 14-8, but Team Orange trailed 10-8 heading into the bottom of the inning when the game was called.  Paul's Ball Army is currently ranked 11th with a 3-4 record for the season.

PBA Volunteers with Food for Thought

PBA staff members spent Friday morning volunteering with one of our favorite organizations, Food for Thought.  We packed Power Sacks for Denver-area elementary school students that depend on these food sacks every week to supplement or to provide food for the weekend for the students and their families.  

We also have elected Food for Thought Denver as our charitable organization to benefit from in the upcoming Colfax Marathon Relay.  Studio PBA will have three teams racing for the top spots of the Architecture Construction Design division as the top teams win prize money to benefit their chosen charity.  More updates on the relay to follow.  If you or your organization will be participating in the Colfax Marathon, consider Food for Thought Denver as one of your charitable organizations! For more information, click the link here:

PBA Volunteering with Food for Thought

What a great morning! Studio PBA's team along with many other volunteers worked to fill grocery bags with food and prepping bins to be delivered to  over 9,000 kids who would otherwise not have a meal this weekend. Food for Thought is a fantastic organization that we are lucky to be able to work with, ZERO overhead, run by volunteers and feeds Denver's Title 1 elementary school kids in need. It is hard to believe that just here in the Denver-metro area over 30,000 kids would go without food for a weekend due to poverty. Thanks to Food for Thought there are 9,000 less that will go hungry this weekend as a result of the Powersack packed this morning.

Food for Thought organizes this every Friday during the school year. Every single penny of every dollar donated goes towards purchasing food while all of the supplies are donated. The food gets packaged up, loaded into containers and distributed by volunteers. Bob Bell and John Thielen founded Food for Thought in 2012, originally delivering food to two Denver elementary schools and have grown their impact to currently serve 7 schools with the hope of expanding as soon as possible.  We thank Food for Thought for allowing us to volunteer and investing in Denver's elementary students.

If you are interested in learning more about Food for Thought or volunteering visit: