PBA Volunteering with Food for Thought

What a great morning! Studio PBA's team along with many other volunteers worked to fill grocery bags with food and prepping bins to be delivered to  over 9,000 kids who would otherwise not have a meal this weekend. Food for Thought is a fantastic organization that we are lucky to be able to work with, ZERO overhead, run by volunteers and feeds Denver's Title 1 elementary school kids in need. It is hard to believe that just here in the Denver-metro area over 30,000 kids would go without food for a weekend due to poverty. Thanks to Food for Thought there are 9,000 less that will go hungry this weekend as a result of the Powersack packed this morning.

Food for Thought organizes this every Friday during the school year. Every single penny of every dollar donated goes towards purchasing food while all of the supplies are donated. The food gets packaged up, loaded into containers and distributed by volunteers. Bob Bell and John Thielen founded Food for Thought in 2012, originally delivering food to two Denver elementary schools and have grown their impact to currently serve 7 schools with the hope of expanding as soon as possible.  We thank Food for Thought for allowing us to volunteer and investing in Denver's elementary students.

If you are interested in learning more about Food for Thought or volunteering visit: http://foodforthoughtdenver.org/